Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hi again loved ones, we spent yesterday touring the site of Pompeii. This ancient site was hidden for years when it was covered by the aftermath of the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius. This was quite the hike around this very large ancient city and by the end of the long and hot tour, our legs were a bit sore and looking at our feet gave us a very good idea of why foot washing was relegated to the lowest servant back in Biblical times. We have also been able to walk around Sorrento in the evenings, which is quite the active city with many British tourists. We are fitting in quite well with the Italians as evidenced by us eating dinner at 9pm last night. We have found a little restaurant downtown that is delicious and inexpensive and have eaten there twice already. And sorry for the very uncreative and unasthetic layout of our blog, we're on a time limit so I just try to get everything on here fast.

Our plan today is to head off to see more of the Amalfi Coast before we leave Sorrento and head to Rome. Until then...


  1. You guys are soooooo cute...I love the pictures. Yum, sounds like you're eating well. Thanks again for the is so much to follow your adventures.

    Love you - B'nut and P'nut xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxox

    PS Our last basketball camp is today...good thing...most of the team are either sick or injured :-(.

  2. Love the adventures Sue, keep em' comin'! Signing off from your "home state" in WA. Be safe :).